About Libran Molds

In my recent years which I have spent in Sudan, I’ve never paid attention to traditions and culture the way I should be. Sudan was nothing but a brown plot of land within the outlines of Africa with forced-upon customs of which no one had ever told me stories about. Life went by like this for years until one day I overlooked all of this. I found beauty in the variety and colours of the Sudanese culture and folklore. There is indeed a story to be told but needs a patient ear.
Libran Molds refers to myself, Marwah, a 30 year old Sudanese born under the Libra zodiac, characterised with taking interest in many things, unspecific, and an all through risk taker for lively experiences, but also a lover of beauty and harmony. I’ve taken these traits to focus on Sudan and compare it with the current, high paced social trends.

Hope you enjoy the read.


Burning sugar-crusted sandlewood, aromatic milk teas, and a generous and genuine salams filled with prayers and warm smiles from the land of the Nile all the way to the sacred tips of Jebel Al Berkel.


Inspirations in the form of people, whom placed Sudan on the map with neon, words, and music notes.

Ibrahim Al Salahi – Sudanese painter.

A personal conversation about us, women, to us Sudanese. Converting beauty trends and standards to what fits a modern Zola. (Coming Soon)

A black and white photoshoot inspired by the 60’s – photographed by Dia Khalil.

Views and reviews on Sudanese contributions to art, in all forms of beautiful.

From the Bambar Collection – Interior Designer, Sarya Jamal

Colors, cause, and fashion is what draws a concept in the streets . A visual journal from Sudanese millennial within the districts of Khartoum. (Coming Soon)

A fashion initiative by DAVU.

A long-awaited journey along the Nile as it takes us to discover the states and people of Sudan. (Coming Soon)

Palm trees on the Nile River by the banks of Saleb, Northern Sudan – photographed by Eric Lafforge.